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Inside this journal you will find 110 amazing thought provoking writing prompts. All writing prompts are carefully crafted to help provide insight into feelings of depression. During your journey you will began to seek more understanding into symptoms of depression, such as, feelings of irritable, sleep disturbances, and feelings of hopelessness. In addition, there is psycho-education and inspirational messages. You will learn the stages of grief, how to cope with crying-spells, how to practice mindfulness, and much more. The inspirational messages are curated to help you cope feelings of self-worth, build resilience, and manage stress.

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110 Writing Prompts To Cope With Depression

  • ISBN:9781087862606, 1087862604

    Page count:232

    Published:March 23, 2020


    Publisher:Indy Pub


    Author:Erica Gilliams

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