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About The Founder


Mr. Lawrence Miles, founder and proprietor of La Unique African American Bookstore & Cultural Center, has always been a man of vision and purpose. From his early roots in Crisfield, Maryland, Larry has incessantly sought opportunities to bring positive and progressive change to the community. As a local entrepreneur, the business has established through the years have been successful beacons of light and opportunities for young and old. His vision has not just been a focus of Afrocentrism, but has reached many ethnic groups. 


Sensing a pressing need for a more culturally prominent presence in Camden, Larry created La Unique African-American Bookstore and Cultural Center. The term "La Unique" derived from  "La", short for Larry and "Unique" which emphasizes his desire to create an ultimately unique educational and cultural experience for his community. The bookstore thrives today, offering patrons a variety of exciting bio-graphical, auto-biographical, historical, mythological, romantic, fiction, non-fiction, sports, religious, humorous, scientific, health-related, fraternal and a number of must haves for children. 


The African-American Cultural Center, featuring art prints, paintings, imported African sculpture exhibits from around the world, musical instruments, clothing, and jewelry , is also home to " The Poets Den", where nationally acclaimed jazz musicians and award-winning poets meet to provide poetry readings and musical entertainment. The Cultural Arts Center also serves as an educational center, a significant meeting place for academic workshops, book signings, album release parties, business meetings and other social and civic functions.   


Naturally, La Unique has had it's high and lows in the midst of the pandemic, nevertheless, Larry Miles has an unwavering commitment and steadfast dedication to the cultural and civic growth of Camden, N.J. 


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Open Tues - Fri 10 am to 5 pm

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