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My name is Larry Miles and I am Fundraising for my business La Unique African American Bookstore and Cultural Center. I am a MILITARY VETERAN and volunteered to serve my country in 1952. I 1991, opened my bookstore in the downtown section of Camden City, located in NJ. My African American Bookstore and Cultural Center is going down in revenue and structurally because of lack of funds, supporters, consumers and close to no business. Business has gotten even worse since Covid-19. My mission is to renovate and revamp La Unique Bookstore and Cultural Center with updates to serve Camden County and surrounding areas in 2021 and future times. All donations will go towards rebuilding and business operations. I have used all of my savings to keep the building and business afloat for this long and just can not survive this on my own. Without funding and support it's impossible. PLEASE HELP! My goal is to reach at least $20,000. This will help move the business forward with starting building repairs, renovations, and marketing.

Everyone who has visited my location here at 111 N. SIXTH STREET, CAMDEN NJ 08105, has said that I have a gem and I know this to be true. At the age of 90, I have been blessed to have had a great experience servicing my community. I'm hopeful that my Camden neighbors and readers will join me in my mission. Please do what you can but please don't just stand by and do nothing. Anything is better than nothing. Thank you Camden City and my neighbors.


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Become a Volunteer

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in joining LaUnique African American Bookstore and Cultural Center as a volunteer. With the help of hardworking volunteers each year, we are able to continue to build upon our annual goals. There are lots of different ways to plug in to our team. Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talents with us! Volunteers are needed to assist with processing of books we receive, which can include counting, stickering, sorting, and boxing books for with various genres along with other tasks. Please contact Larry Miles, Owner/Founder below.

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