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Follow Alice, a fabulous little girl spending an afternoon with her sister, as things get curiouser and curiouser. From the shaman Cheshire cat, to the talent-less Queen, this version of Wonderland remixes a familiar tale with images you grew up with from music to activism, - even poetry.

With iconic cultural references that are sure to spark the interest of the entire family, and visuals that will keep even the youngest audiences engaged, Alice's journey winds its way through amazing themes of Black History, International Culture, Diversity, and Spirituality.

As one of the first children's book completely illustrated using 3D technology, Marlon Mckenneybrings Wonderland to life and represents an authentic voice to empower young readers to reach their fullest potential.

*Softcover Version

Source: Publisher

Alice In Wonderland Remixed

  • ISBN:9781732205123, 1732205124

    Page count:52

    Published:September 3, 2018


    Publisher:Conscious Culture Publishing


    Author:Marlon McKenney

    Illustrator:Marlon McKenney


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