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When We Ruled: The Ancient and Mediaeval History of Black Civilisations

  •  Robin Walker

  • This is an essential book for everyone.--Centerprise Trust, UK
    In twenty two chapters, When We Ruled examines the nature of what we call Black history; critically surveying the often-shoddy documentation of that history. Importantly, it focuses upon African civilization in the Valley of the Nile and analyzes the key historical phases of Ancient Egypt--critical exercises for any professed scholar of African history and vital pieces of Africa's legacy ... When we Ruled is a timely and immensely important work of benefit to scholars and students alike. I am proud to add it to my library, from the Introduction--Runoko Rashidi.Available for the first time in paperback, this edition includes over 100 images, 18 maps, a 15 page chronological table, index, and bibliography. New introduction by Runoko Rashidi for the Black Classic Press edition.

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